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  • What is included?

    • ✔️Dermaroller – Save yourself the costly fees of an expensive salon and achieve similar results with the rollers from the comfort of your own home.
    • ✔️VITAMIN C Serum – Hyaluronic acid in the VC serum boosts and stores moisture in your skin, giving your face a clearer and healthier complexion!
    • ✔️SOOTHING Cream– A unique Centella Soothing cream made with of beeswax, vitamin E, and flower extract is included to sooth the skin after the micro-needle treatment.


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Reveal Your Radiance

The Experience Your Skin Deserves

10x More Hygenic

Like most of our current customers, you probably thought to use a rotary brush. Know that these brushes require continuous maintenance and eventually replacement just to continue safe use on your skin. ZustBlack's Derma Roller is more cleaner and more effective.

Safe for All Skin Types

Aging can not be stopped however, it can be slowed down! By stimulating your skin, shrinking your pores, and even reducing puffiness and inflammation, ZustBlack is an entire spa treatment in the palm of your hand.

Anti-Aging Benefits

Many cleansers are not designed for different skin types an you will not see anti-aging benefits from them. Most actually cause your skin severe irritation  due to poor construction. Our unique combination of quality materials to ensure the personal touch your skin deserves.


The Radiance

We know you have probably heard of competitor cleansing devices and wonder "What is the difference? "Is ZustBlack actually worth it?" Other than our lower price to get a proper clean look. ZustBlack lifts dirt from your pores revealing your naturally beautiful complexion.

Skin Care Simplified


Apply ZustBlack's Serum coupled with your Derma Roller for Enhanced Results.


Allow ZustBlack to glide across your face in the correct motions for improved results.


Gently rinse and dry your face, look in the mirror and watch your skin radiate.

Clear skin made easy

Fall in Love With Your Skin

Real Reviews. Real Results

"This product is a real gem to find on Amazon! It's high end quality and a great price. The derma roller really gets in to your skin and the serum and moisturizer make your face feel the smoothest it's been!"

-Berk K.

"The roller is completely painless, you will feel a small tingling sensation but it doesn't feel like anything is piercing into your skin. it's a gentle prick that feels a little relaxing. Your skin will feel a little tight afterwards but the soothing cream helps to ease that feeling. After all of this is done, you skin will feel refreshed and once you apply your serums your skin will feel incredibly moisturized and nourished. All in all, I love the roller and I am very happy to have purchased it!"


"The roller is great and the vitamin c serum is very nice. However the soothing lotion it comes with is awesome at first but apparently doesn’t seem completely or is prone to bacteria. Second time using it made my forehead erupt in painful red bumps. I almost never break out like this and I only put that lotion on my forehead."

-Blair B.